At the moment, Run 2 is only available for iOS devices, though it will make its way to Android phones and tablets in the future [Update: Nintendo has revealed the game will launch for Android in two months, giving it a March release date]. We’ll update this guide as soon as we have more details on when exactly you can download and play Run 2 on your Android device.

So does this mean that Android owners have no hope of downloading and playing Run 2 right now? Not necessarily.


Click to play:

run 2 l b612 app l slither

While there are emulators on the internet that promise to allow you to run iOS apps on Android, we’d recommend avoiding these. We tried a few out, and many did not do what they promised, and many websites that claimed to host iOS emulators for Android devices has lots of links to risky software.

All iOS emulators for Android are available as apk files, which require you to allow your Android device to download and install software from untrusted sources, which can put your device at risk. Considering the risks involved, we don’t think it is worth it to play Run 2 on Android.

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